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We offer you three types of licenses, based on your business needs .



SAAS Billing Solution



SAAS Billing Solution



SAAS Billing Solution

Fast & Performant

Fast transfer of backup data due to our own transport technology (UDP protocol transmission). With a minimum demand of data processing we designed algorithms to verify and correct in real time the integrity and consistency of the data

Integrability, Flexibility and Scalability

R2Backup architecture was designed to provide an easy integration with other server management software or with other backup providers. We continuously develop new tools and features, allowing us to create a centralized management infrastructure for an unlimited number of protected and/or backup servers.

Affordable & Easy to Use

Easy to understand pricing with simple tiers allowing you to optimize costs.Easy to understand pricing with simple tiers allowing you to optimize costs. User friendly interface with all you need in one page.

Secure Infrastructure

R2Backup solution is installed on state of the art hardware in TIER3 datacenters all around the world. Logical and physical security ensured by high-level encryption and firewalls.

Continuously & Incremental Back-up

R2Backup solution ensures a continuous and incremental backup process, transparent to the protected server, using the data-block level backup, the only viable technology of real time backup for large amounts of data.

Dedicated Support

Our in-house support team is available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products.

Management Team

Our team of developers and engineers is passionate about providing our customers the best cloud hosting infrastructure on the market.

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Business Development

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